Why support PramCV?

The importance of Cultural Heritage for the sustainable development of peripheral regions is becoming more evident each day.  With this project, we intend to combine scientific research activities with the promotion of archaeological heritage as an asset for cultural tourism.


Castelo the Vide offers in its territory a charming historical centre, beautiful natural landscapes and a rich archaeological heritage. Due to its location near the border between Portugal and Spain, the village attracts plenty of tourists from both countries.


While ensuring the scientific goals of the project, we aim to find new ways of increase available resources for cultural tourism.


With PramCV we will create ways to combine the scientific goals of the project with the development of new resources for cultural tourism. By supporting PramCV you will be helping to uncover Castelo de Vide’s historical past and sponsoring local heritage. 

Archaeology is a bridge between the past and the future, come and help us build it!